AGV K-1 Helmet Range Launch

AGV K-1 – Winning Attitude – Available Now in Australia



Monday 22nd October, 2018 – Brisbane, Australia

Born from AGV racing technology, ready for every road experience.

One glance at the new AGV K-1 and it becomes plainly obvious that this helmet has AGV’s racing DNA running through its bloodlines. The K-1 shares a helmet profile with the entire AGV sport helmet range which was developed from years of testing on the racetrack.

Designed to limit impact and injury to collarbones during a crash, the K-1 shell design has an aerodynamic shape that includes an integrated rear spoiler inspired by the Pista GP-R Biplano spoiler and is wind tunnel tested to maximise performance and stability. The K-1 takes this racing heritage and technology and combines it with helmet features designed for everyday use on the street for all day riding.

Focus on Fit and Comfort

With comfort and fit being a huge demand for street riders, the AGV K-1 is designed to offer a stable, snug fit without pressure and is designed to fit a larger range of riders than ever before. It features the extremely comfortable and moisture wicking dry-comfort fabric, and a helmet liner and cheekpads that are completely removable and washable. Ensuring that all riders are catered for, the K-1 is also designed with the use of glasses or sunglasses in mind, with the helmet liner and cheekpads featuring spacing so that the arms of any glasses or sunglasses used pass right through to prevent any discomfort or pressure against the skin. The K1 also allows for the installation and use of rider communication systems.

New Shell Design – High levels of Protection and Increased Airflow for Aussie Riders.

Externally, the K-1 features a shell constructed of High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin, engineered in 2 sizes, and a 4 density EPS structure developed in 4 sizes to ensure a great fit and high levels of protection. It also features an integrated ventilation system which includes 5 large front vents, and 2 rear extractors, with all air vents being adjustable, and the rear extractors integrated in to the rear spoiler. This ensures great airflow throughout the helmet, providing great comfort even during long days in the saddle.

Increased Field of Vison

Field of vision and peripheral vision is a key design component of all AGV sport helmets, and the K-1 features a 190° field of vision, ensuring optimal vision at all times. Such is the importance of perfect vision all K-1 visors are anti-scratch and come pinlock ready, and there is also a full range of aftermarket visors available, with tinted, iridium blue, iridium gold and iridium silver visors available for purchase.  As part of the K-1 design, the visor features AGV’s micro opening system that allows for greater airflow in to the helmet. The finer details have not been missed either, with the new miniaturised, 40% smaller visor mechanism which features intermediate opening steps, and allows for rapid visor changes without any tools.

Extreme Standards Design Features

Racing means extreme performance, but also extreme protection.
Like all new AGV helmets, the K-1 was developed according to the AGV Extreme Standards protocol, a revolutionary design method that enables improving the performance of the helmet in a measurable and demonstrable way in terms of protection against impact, peripheral vision, compact design, weight reduction, aerodynamics, ventilation and ergonomics.


Big Colour Range and Affordable Pricing

With a large array of colours available from solid colours, through multi coloured designs to the VR46 replica’s, sizes ranging from XS to XXL, and priced from $279 to $349 RRP, the new AGV K-1 is jam packed with features and offers fantastic value for money for Australian riders who choose to ride in AGV Helmets.

The new AGV K-1 is available Australia wide now at your local AGV Stockist.

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