The precision of every part, the ecstasy of materials. Performance that excites while it seduces. The obsession is overcoming the limits of one’s imagination, redefining every known parameter that is deemed impassable.
Excellence is not enough. Become invincible.



Making the impossible possible

Every detail of the Pista GP RR is designed for off-the-charts performance. Meticulous research into refined materials and brand-new technological solutions makes for extreme protection. The same guaranteed to MotoGP™ riders. No difference. A 100% carbon fiber shell, metal alloy air vents, incredibly reduced visor mechanisms. A level of safety that makes the impossible possible.

FIM Approved

The Pista GP RR has received the stringent FIM homologation, which evaluates the protective capacity of a helmet, as well as the dangerous rotational acceleration of the head. A fundamental requirement in order to be worn by MotoGP™ riders during races. And that’s not all, as the Pista GP RR is 37%* safer than the very high level required by the FIM.

*Average results in the 6 tests (G, HIC, BrIC) required for FIM homologation.

100% Carbon Fiber

The Pista GP RR shell is made entirely from carbon fiber. No contamination, no compromise. Radical protection and lightness. The most refined, resistant material for the construction of the world’s fastest, safest helmet.

Reduced visor mechanisms

Pared back to the essentials, thanks to innovative technological materials and solutions, to leave room for what is truly essential: safety. Micro opening mechanisms allow for the unprotected area of the carbon fiber shell to be reduced to a minimum.

Metal alloy air vents

Aluminum, copper and magnesium ensure that even the air channels of the Pista GP RR are safe. A lightweight, unbeatable alloy to ensure perfect ventilation with the safety of a helmet that exceeds FIM parameters by 37%. *

Visor up to 5 mm

No weakness, no uncertainty. Thanks to a thickness of up to 5 mm – 5 times more than that of a normal road helmet, the Pista GP RR visor is an integral part of the helmet’s protective system.


Modeled by the air, to take on the air

Its shape cuts through the air, every detail designed to conquer its resistance. The characteristic wedge chinguard, the aerodynamic channels carved on top of the shell, the metal alloy air vents with winged profile, and the spoiler designed to eliminate the dynamic weight of the helmet and act in synergy with the suit’s aerodynamic hump. Perfection is in the details. And it’s all modeled by the wind, so that the rider can fly beyond all limits.

Wedge chinguard

An unmistakable shape, a profile that cuts through the wind. The Pista GP RR chinguard splits the air, reducing resistance and therefore fatigue for the rider. The head is focused solely on performance.

A weight that vanishes

At 160 km/h – the average speed achieved during a fast lap of any MotoGP™ track – the aerodynamic configuration of the helmet cancels out the dynamic weight. Like flying along the finish straight, in full control, with the wheels glued firmly to the asphalt.

Wing-shaped ventilation

The metal alloy air vents are designed to collect the flow and channel it towards the Pro Spoiler. Ventilation and stability that is beyond excellent. Aerodynamic performance is no small thing, when a thousandth of a second is the only detail that counts.

Pro Spoiler

Designed to perfectly integrate and interact with the structure of the racing suit’s aerodynamic hump. A wing that sees the helmet glide at high speeds while drastically reducing the aerodynamic coefficient. To conquer the air as well as any rival.


Designed to set records, born to be a legend

Control is everything for a warrior. The fully customized interior, the extremely lightweight and breathable materials, the integrated hydration system, the optical class 1 Ultravision visor: details that are obsessed over so as to give the rider absolute confidence and awareness. The mind is focused solely on the road. The perfect serenity with which to set new records, and become a legend.


A 190° horizontal visual field, an 85° vertical visual field, the optical class 1 visor. Extreme visual freedom in every direction allows for total control of the road, obstacles, and one’s rivals. The eyes are focused solely on the goal.

360° Adaptive Fit system

A fully customizable crown, cheek pads and neck for a tailor-made fit and phenomenal comfort. 17 different thicknesses for a unique helmet, to suit the rider’s head and riding style.

MotoGP Hydration System

Restoring the liquids lost during competition is essential in order to maintain full concentration through every turn. The Pista GP RR system is designed to integrate with the water bags in a MotoGP™ rider’s aerodynamic hump, mounted on Dainese leather suits.

Detail is not an obsession,
it is the very essence of perfection.