5 of AGV's Coolest Motorcycle Helmets


Pista gp R : Mugello 2017



Mugello Circuit, June 3, 2017 – In what has now become a tradition, the AGV Pista GP R helmets Rossi and Iannone use during the Saturday morning qualifying sessions for the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix held in Mugello feature special celebratory designs. Designer Aldo Drudi has transformed heartfelt tributes to Francesco Totti and Nicky Hayden into personalized helmets for The Doctor and The Maniac. 

The background colors are green, like the turf on a soccer field, and inevitable yellow. The subject is obviously Valentino Rossi who, with this new helmet, is depicted as a soccer player with the number 46, light blue National team jersey and a band aid on his forehead, poised in front of the goalkeeper and ready to score a goal. The writing next to the cartoon reads, “Mo’ je faccio er cucchiaio”, which reveals who the rider from Team Movistar Yamaha has dedicated this helmet to: Francesco Totti, the star soccer player from Rome who just “retired”. On the back of the helmet is another famous statement associated with Totti, “Un capitano… C’è solo un capitano!” (One captain…there is only one captain!) and the sponsor Yamaha Factory Racing peeking out from behind the goal post. On the sides of the chin strap, the number 46 is joined by 69, the number of the great Nicky Hayden, to form a single, dual-tone 469. The AGV shield is positioned on the side and includes the writing, “Mugello 2017”. 

The personalized graphics stem from inspiration of the rider in collaboration with Aldo Drudi, who is very adept at transforming ideas into shapes and colors. The AGV helmet, which has been with Valentino for 20 years and by his side each time he took the victory, is also dedicated to his homeland and the hills of Mugello packed with his fans. 

For the Saturday session of the Italian Moto GP, Andrea Iannone is also introducing an AGV helmet with a personalized design. His is a very special tribute to American Nicky Hayden, the great champion of motorcycling who recently passed away, before his 36th birthday. The background features idyllic blue sky and white clouds, in Hayden’s honor. The chin strap bears the number 29 for the Team Suzuki Ecstar driver, and 69 for Nicky, whose name in italics fills the head of the helmet. On the back, the Italian flag intertwines with the American flag. The AGV logo, with its tricolor shield, stands out on the sides and back of the helmet. Just like Valentino’s helmet, Iannone’s was also designed by Aldo Drudi, who masterfully interprets the dreams of his rider friends. Andrea has also dedicated his helmet to the fans who have always supported him during his races. 

The Pista GP R, the evolution of the innovative Pista GP, offers the most protection of any helmet ever produced. It is the perfect synthesis of protection, performance and comfort, the three cornerstones in development protocols of AGV Extreme Standards. The Pista GP R offers superior visibility and is characterized by the patented Visor Lock System (VLS). With the use of the new Biplano spoiler, aerodynamic performance is optimized and the comfort level benefits from a patented interior system and the implementation of the Integrated Ventilation System (IVS).


There’s never been anyone like Giacomo Agostini, the rider who won more titles than anyone else.

The AGV X3000 replica helmet features the same legendary shape that the legendary motorcycle rider, Agostini wore during his record breaking career, winning 15 World Championships.

This replica helmet takes even the smallest details in mind, such as the special contoured chin bar that allowed Ago to lean right up against the tank, has been reworked into the design.

Every care has been taken to recreate the exterior of the helmet and carry case to match the original, however the performance of the X3000 has been engineered to match modern day AGV Helmets in terms of safety, ventilation and comfort.

The X3000 carries Agostini’s signature and includes a dual button visor that can be opened with the left hand alone.

The tricolor Agostini helmet, seen from behind, just as his rivals saw it. Same shape, same color scheme, the same leather bag used to transport it, modern technology.

There are only 3000 pieces of this helmet in production, making it a timeless allure.

Sport Modular

The AGV Sport Modular Helmet is the first 100% carbon fiber flip-up. It includes the super-precise chin guard which means there is no compromise in weight, strength and impact-absorption. With 3 shell sizes, the result is world-leading safety* and a class-beating low weight of 1295g. No other modular even comes close, making the sport modular the perfect blend between a sport helmet and a touring helmet.

We’ve packed the AGV Sport Modular to the brim with features – this helmet boasts a 190 degree horizontal field of view, a rear lip profile that directs rain and spray away from the neck, plus advanced technical fabrics. This includes a water-resistant outside to block moisture seepage, fast-wicking lining materials for moisture control and a smooth fit, plus our patented ventilation-enhancing reversible lining, one with a silky-smooth Ritmo cool side and a soft Shalimar warm side. Simply flip to suit the weather.

X70 Pasolini replica helmet

The year was 1954, and AGV crafted the first fibreglass jet helmet. In the ’70s it was replaced by the full-face racing helmet, but there was one rider who went against the grain and never stopped using the jet helmet. That rider was Renzo “Paso” Pasolini, beloved for the fact that he followed his heart, always. No matter the obstacle.

Today the legend lives on with the X70, identical to the helmet worn by the legend. The AGV X70 is a special replica helmet meant to honor the Itailian Grand Prix legend Renzo Pasolini. AGV has kept the classic styling, but has updated just about everything else.

An ACF fiberglass shell houses a high quality EPS liner and an upgraded liner of genuine leather and suede. The removable and washable liner means you’ll be able to keep both your helmet and your look super fresh.

Pista GP R : Limited Edition Winter Test 2017

Valentino Rossi opened the 2017 Winter Tests at Sepang International Circuit with a very wintry graphic.

Designed as a snow globe, the limited edition winter test helmet pays homage to the Doctor’s hometown, featuring a miniature of the picturesque town of Tavullia covered with snow and enclosed in a glass sphere.

At the top left of the face shield is a traffic sign and the speed limit of 46 km/h. On the front of the helmet, next to city hall and a wall with the Official Fan Club’s banner, the AGV tricolor logo stands out, supporting Rossi for more than 20 years. On the chin-guard, the distinctive fluorescent yellow number 46 crosses the wooden base of the snow globe.

The pinnacle of professional motorcycle racing protection. The ultimate track helmet. The AGV Pista GP-R Helmet features an integrated hydration system developed with top riders with tube routing optimized to eliminate distraction for completely unencumbered hydration while riding. Moto GP developed metal air vents with an innovative external fins structure have been engineered to capture maximum airflow in the front of the shell and increase air pressure on the rear exhaust, therefore increasing the speed of air transition inside the helmet, and leading to higher cooling performance.

The wind-tunnel-tested “biplano” spoiler has multiple wings to maximize aerodynamic performance and add stability at high speed. The extremely compact and light 100% carbon fiber shell’s shape is designed to minimize interference with the racing suit and limit risk of impact energy transfer to the collarbone, while the interior has an adaptable fit and places no stitching in sensitive areas. The result is a helmet that approaches perfection in terms of eliminating distraction and maximizing comfort for the ultimate pro-level track riding experience- the AGV Pista GPR Carbon Helmet.